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This dream book is a guide to explaining dreams. We assume that we are all different from each other, and therefore there are no identical dreams. When interpreting dreams, we assume that experience counts more than theory and that everyone can become an expert on their own dreams.

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Dream meaning

Dreaming is a physiological state, the second zone of life where consciousness fades. Not all aspects of a dream are fully explained; there are many mysterious, latent, and fascinating elements that are completely unknown and undiscovered. For centuries, people have attempted to interpret dreams and explain their relationship to everyday life. Over the years, observations and records have allowed dreams to be assigned a particular meaning. Usually, a dream is interpreted as an announcement of what is about to happen in life. However, a dream should not be treated as a prophecy in every case, because in many cases it is also a warning, a clue, a call to change the way we behave, and a disclosure of our personal qualities.

About dreams

The dream is the second and most enriching aspect of human life. It is a latent life... And since it is not fully explained, it has a lot of interesting, puzzling, and mysterious elements in it. Since ancient Persian and ancient Arabic times, various people have tried to explain dreams, interpret their meaning, and explain their relationship with real life. Observations were made during this centuries-long period, allowing dreams to be assigned appropriate meanings in life. Most often, one would like to consider a dream as a prophetic signal of what is to happen in the future. However, not all dreams are predictive. In many cases, they are a signal, a warning, or an indication of a course of action.

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