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Dreams dictionary

This dream book is a guide to explaining dreams. We assume that we are all different from each other, and therefore there are no identical dreams. When interpreting dreams, we assume that experience counts more than theory and that everyone can become an expert on their own dreams.

Dream meaning

Dreaming is a unique physiological state, a kind of second life zone where our consciousness fades away. Although we've been trying to interpret and understand dreams for centuries, not all aspects of them are fully explained. There are still many mysterious, latent, and fascinating elements of dreams that are yet to be discovered. Throughout history, people have attempted to explain dreams and their relationship to everyday life, and thanks to years of observation and recording, we can now assign specific meanings to different types of dreams.

Common Dreams:

Typically, dreams are seen as an announcement of what is to come in our lives. However, it's important to remember that not every dream should be treated as a prophecy. In many cases, a dream can serve as a warning, a clue, or even a call to change the way we behave. Dreams can also reveal our personal qualities and innermost thoughts. So, whether your dreams are prophetic or not, they can provide valuable insights into your subconscious and help you better understand yourself and the world around you.

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Abdominal aortic aneurysm


The appearance of an aneurysm in a dream relates to health and safety. In such...

About dreams

Dreams are the second most enriching aspect of human life. They represent our hidden life... and because they are not fully understood, they contain many interesting, puzzling, and mysterious elements. Since ancient Persian and Arabic times, various people have tried to explain dreams, interpret their meaning, and understand their relationship with real life. Observations made over the centuries have allowed dreams to be assigned appropriate meanings in our lives. Most often, dreams are considered a prophetic signal of what is to happen in the future, but not all dreams are prophetic. In many cases, they are a signal, a warning, or an indication of a course of action.

The Meaning of Dreams

Dreams are one of the most important elements of our lives because they can provide us with insights into our subconscious. Interpreting dreams is important because it can help us understand our fears, desires, and emotional problems that we need to face. Dreams can also help us find solutions to problems and make decisions. Discovering the secrets of dreams is important because it can lead to a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Types of Dreams

There are different types of dreams that we may encounter. One of the most popular types of dreams is the anxiety dream. This type of dream is usually caused by the fears and worries we have in our daily lives. Another type of dream is the daydream, in which the dream is triggered by events that take place during the day. Daydreaming can help us better understand our thoughts and feelings about these events.

Interpreting Dreams

Interpreting dreams is important because it allows us to understand what is happening in our minds and subconscious. There are different theories about dream interpretation, but one of the most popular is Freud's psychoanalytic theory. According to Freud, dreams are expressions of our desires, fears, and other emotions that are not expressed in daily life. Freud's dream interpretation focuses on the symbolism and metaphors that appear in our dreams.