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Ironing board in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

A dream about an ironing board is an expression of preparation for new life challenges or an announcement of important events and changes in life. your first day at work or you are planning an important meeting and for this reason you need to look nice. Sleep is very often an expression of a pedantic approach to life or over-drawing attention to your own appearance.

if you see a board in your dream ironing - this means that you are planning a meeting in good company, for which you need to properly prepare

ironing the ironing board - be careful, because your meticulousness will eventually start someone disturb

broken board - this is the announcement of an unsuccessful meeting where you will not be satisfied with your outfit

purchase of a new ironing board - is a sign of new changes, maybe you are planning to move forward in the near future moving or building a new home, which will involve the purchase of many expensive items

ironing new things on the board - is a harbinger of big purchases that will bring you a lot of excitement and joy.

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