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Archangel in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The archangel in a dream is a powerful being considered to be the messenger of God, a symbol of divine light and love, supernatural powers, virtue and bravery. His work focuses mainly on bringing peace to people and providing practical solutions that can contribute to reducing the stress we experience every day. Archangels will provide wisdom and guidance and represent strength and protection. You should pay special attention to the message conveyed by the archangel in a dream. These messages can serve as a guide to greater fulfillment and happiness. Alternatively, dream may be information about disturbances in your soul. Archangels, like angels, can also appear in a dream as a result of the wicked actions of the dreamer.


Seeing an archangel in a dream is synonymous with good, comfort and consolation. Dream heralds a bright future for the dreamer, as well as joy and abundance.

If you dream that you are an archangel, it is a sign that you feel good in your own skin, the most important thing is that you conduct yourself well and do not pay attention to other people's intrigues and everything will turn out well for you.

A dream about a few archangels is a harbinger of the realization of life plans, deepening family ties, as well as a harbinger of positive news. The group of archangels is also a symbol of the deity.

Archangel Michael is considered the patron saint of the army and policemen as well as the sick and the suffering. It is a harbinger of many changes in the dreamer's life and all blessings.

Archangel Gabriel is a symbol of hope, it is associated with creativity, creative talent and ideas for earning money. A dream foreshadows that in the near future you will begin to be guided by your feelings and heart rather than your head.

If you see Archangel Raphael, then you can expect an improvement in your health or a better everyday well-being.

Archangel Samael in a dream is a sign of unity with loved ones, it is a omen to cure all diseases and to deal with persistent problems that will appear on your way. Sleep is also a sign that a certain person will offer you help and support when needed.

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