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    The kettle in a dream represents renewal, rebirth and new beginnings. From a spiritual point of view, it symbolizes the magical powers that are to contribute to the greater good in life. the kettle symbolizes the mundane aspects of your life. Too often you take certain things for granted and therefore you usually feel disappointment in life. A kettle full of water is a sign of abundance, an empty kettle represents difficulties to come. kettle in your left hand - you will have quarrelsome and unwanted guests.
    see the kettle - by your own inattention you will miss something that was the bargaining chip for your success
    kettle with boiling water - sleep means hard and arduous work, which literally culminated your emotions and requires immediate attention, if you do not cool them down, tragedy can result
    kettle full of water - you probably won't suffer from poverty in your life
    whistling kettle - people will admire you in the future for your sublime actions
    hold the kettle or pour water from the kettle - you will be invited by someone to a feast
    the kettle standing on the table - your creativity will finally be rewarded
    kettle with tea or coffee - a dream bodes good change in the near future
    drink from the kettle - better be careful in your life, especially when you compete with someone for something
    burn yourself with the kettle water - you will lose some of your mundane things
    wash the kettle - you will be addicted to the love and desire of a loved one
    clean, washed kettle - your time will be filled with new interests that will bring you a lot of happiness and joy
    fill the kettle with water - you will spend time in a good company that you will like very much
    put the kettle on the electric or gas stove - you will stand on the side of the opposition against a person who has always been devoted to you and has never failed your trust
    burn the kettle - you will suffer because you will inadvertently hurt someone badly
    if the kettle breaks while drinking - sleep is a sign of frustration and remorse
    old kettle - conflicts you have experienced in your life will make you lack patience with things that were previously they were not a big problem for you
    antique kettle - you will have to make the final decision whether to reject or accept some plans for the future
    clay kettle - a dream foretells a long life, it is also a sign of wealth
    metal or silver kettle - heralds a promotion, golden kettle - heralds a new job in a high position.

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