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    A brother-in-law in a dream is a harbinger of problematic relationships that will create a lot of unnecessary confusion in your life. A dream may reflect the characteristics of your brother-in-law that you, as a human, also have; for a better interpretation of the dream also consider dealing with your own brother-in-law in real life.
    see or talk to brother-in-law - you will reconcile with an enemy with a chaotic personality
    argue with your brother-in-law - misfortune will fall on your family
    to have a good relationship with him - you will meet the expectations of a nice person, thanks to which you will gain her recognition
    have a bad relationship with him - you will have a hard time making friends as long as you constantly overestimate yourself
    have sex with your brother-in-law - you will be deeply committed to a certain complicated relationship
    to be someone's brother-in-law - the announcement of the upcoming during the period of numerous struggles and worries in life
    deceased brother-in-law - thanks to a few changes in your life you will finally arrange all your matters in your own way.

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