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Cone in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The pine cone in a dream symbolizes taking risky actions or the critical position of the dreamer, very often it also means an influx of new ideas and feelings. success. However, do not be fooled by appearances, because temporary happiness will not last forever, so better stick to your original assumptions.
    see the cone - your professional work will not bring you the expected satisfaction
    pick it from the tree - you will not follow the advice of a wise man who only wants your happiness
    collect cones - sleep means that you do not have time in your life for active recreation
    hold a pine cone in your hand - you dream of a peaceful life without worries, but you realize that it is practically impossible
    a cone falling from a tree - uncertain undertakings that will be undertaken in life they will finally find a happy ending
    if the pine cone has fallen on your head - you will wake up from lethargy after the time, when it will be too late to settle many outstanding matters
    see under your feet - there will be opportunities on your way that you will not fully take advantage of if it is carried by a squirrel - you are fully aware of the result of certain actions, but you are fooling yourself that it may be otherwise
    a cone lying on the grass - before you take on new challenges, better cool down your previous emotions because they can be an obstacle to success
    burning cones - sleep means great losses in your own household
    to see the cones growing on the tree - you dream about achievements that will not be easy to obtain and will not come to you alone
    If in a dream you watch cones then the dream is a warning against careless behavior iem which can ruin your own life.

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