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Ammonia in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Ammonia means that you will face a worrying issue in your life. If you manage to solve it, you will be in a winning position.
    if you can see it or smell it - one thing will not cease to give you peace, it will probably be because you do not want to face it
    ammonia spill - heralds that you will hear offensive words at your address
    if you have it on your skin - it is a sign that an issue will have a very big impact on you
    yellow spots on the skin after ammonia - are proof of hard work and a sign of worrying about your own existence
    working with ammonia in the laboratory - a sign that you will find in a difficult or even dangerous situation, from which you will come out unscathed
    ammonia used by a hairdresser for perm - means that you want to permanently change your face the reality in which you live, a dream shows that you are not satisfied with the situation in which you are currently or are in a lost position.

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