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Cemetery in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream in which the cemetery appears is usually associated with a terrifying nightmare and symbolism of death. However, this is only a fear of the unknown, because a cemetery should not be associated with fear or negative feelings. Although it seems to be a symbol of sadness, grief and the fear of death, a dream about a cemetery is usually associated with a spiritual awakening, it can also be an expression of uncertainty caused by life's vicissitudes and important choices. The dream graveyard can also arise when you have concerns about your own work, personal life, or death.

The meaning of the CEMETERY dream:

    The view of the cemetery can be perceived by the dreamer in both positive and negative contexts. Such a dream usually means that you will come to terms with the loss of a loved one or that you will welcome a new family member.
    If you are walking by the cemetery, then in a dream it means that after the recent adventures you have the impression that your lives are passing too quickly and pointlessly, you do not have enough time to complete all the planned tasks that you want to accomplish in your mortal life. Perhaps for some reason you cannot manage your own time or someone does not allow you to freely perform scheduled tasks.
    A beautifully decorated cemetery is a sign that it's time to go ahead without looking back at the past.
    If you are in the cemetery, it is a sign that your habits and some behaviors will end soon, because you will start a new stage in your life. A walk through the cemetery is also a dream sign of a peaceful and prosperous future.
    Wandering through the cemetery is, according to the dream book, a sign of life being lost. Consider, perhaps you don't know who you should trust or what path to start taking in your life.
    If you dream that you are looking for the grave of a friend in the cemetery, it is a sign that regardless of whether that person is your friend or enemy, you will need more time to get to know them better or to repair shaky relations with them from the past.
    When you dream that you are buried in a cemetery, the dream interpretation explains that you will start to worry about your own future. An uncertain fate will throw you to a place you've never been before, away from friends and loved ones. The good news is that you will get the chance to start all over again.
    Cleaning your graveyard in dreams means you want to deal with the demons of your past. Such a dream also shows respect for one's place of origin.
    Taking flowers to the cemetery shows that you want to appreciate the merits of someone you no longer have contact with or have lost in the past. An elderly person in your family circle will give you valuable advice that will surely be worth listening to. In a negative sense, a dream can herald death in the family.
    A military cemetery is often a dream announcement of various types of political events, and in extreme cases it may be an expression of the threat of war.
    The monument in the dream cemetery expresses anxiety for the near future.
    A modest tombstone in the cemetery is a sign that, thanks to your own work, you will soon achieve a modest, albeit stable and peaceful life with your loved one.
    The richly decorated tombstone in the cemetery appearing in dreams is a sign of waiting for the coming prosperity.

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