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Brawl in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A brawl in a dream can mean a multitude of negative emotions and energy. You feel that you are under constant pressure from the environment, which makes you stop dealing with current affairs.
    A dream of a brawl can symbolize nervousness and anxiety.
    with a stranger - you often get into conflict; think about what it is it is caused, perhaps the problem is on your side (in your attitude or manner).
    with your parents - fate will not be kind to you in the near future, you will face numerous problems on many levels of life.
    A quarrel in a dream can represent the actions taken.
    accepting after a brawl - your relationship will flourish on new and you will understand that honesty and integrity are the key to success.
    with a friend - you will reconcile with your opponent (you have long wanted to avoid long-term conflict and warm up negative relations with the enemy)
    observe - a dream can be treated as a warning to rethink everything carefully before making a decision on an important issue
    Sometimes a row proves honesty and consistency in action.
    row at home - meeting with a famous person or an important event at home
    at work - a dream portends success in the professional sphere
    The appearance of a row in a dream may indicate a fear of public humiliation.
    between women - an announcement of a fight for your own right.
    participate in it - you take too much of what others say or think about you, alternatively, having a dream means refocusing on important things.
    Sometimes a quarrel occurs when you don't want to face the problem alone . Sleep can also be a warning against a possible loss, or the loss of something important.
    row on the street - you have an addiction that you cannot control in a moment of weakness.
    to be an adventurer - you are a person confident in your right, accepting no criticism; think if you are not too blind in your own beliefs, even if you are wrong.
    with your husband or wife - you are going through a crisis in your relationship, try to rekindle the feeling that is still not so long ago you were on fire.

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