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Kick scooter

    A kick scooter in a dream is a symbol of fast moving and changing emotions.
    scooter view - heralds the perfect time to discover new passions and practice your strengths
    riding a scooter alone - indicates a longing to become part of something bigger
    riding a kick scooter with someone - an announcement that you will be strongly involved in social life, which will make you achieve your material goals
    washing it - is an omen of a happy period in your life
    traces of a kick scooter - indicate a disrespectful approach to one's own feelings and emotions and hiding deeper pain with a smile and keeping unnecessary appearances
    red scooter - is a warning against giving love too quickly to a man who does not fit your personality at all
    buying a kick scooter - is a sign of financial lack of responsibility
    sale it - indicates the desire to get rid of what is boring and outdated in life
    broken scooter - a sign that in some important matter you will be missed by people who only want to have fun
    jet ski - is a sign of lack of freedom and a desire to experience more pleasure in life.

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