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Arithmetic in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Arithmetic in a dream is a sign of accuracy, perfection and scrupulousness. The vision of doing everything flawlessly will start to dominate your life, but at some point you may find that it is difficult for you to implement. You know, like no one else, that mistakes cost money, so better not listen to opponents of this theory, because this line of reasoning may start to pay off in the long run. Doing everything under the ruler can also cause premature burnout in both your professional and personal life, so it's important to sometimes not do something at all costs but just let go.
    Learning arithmetic means you will only find yourself in a situation where you can stop being guided by your emotions and be more rational.
    If you are unable to solve an arithmetic problem, some problem will make you completely confused, you will gain a new approach that will change your point of view. This time you will look at things from a completely different perspective than before.
    When you teach someone to arithmetic, then a dream means that someone will appreciate you for your expertise, knowledge and professionalism.

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