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Transplant in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Transplant in a dream is an expression of concern for your own health or the health of a loved one. Perhaps in your circles there is someone who has recently become ill and needs A dream can also be a reflection of real events in your life or in the lives of people that you happen to hear about. Perhaps you also feel very sorry for someone's pain or loss. Transplant in dreams can also be the result of traumatic experiences, experience or an expression of fear of the aging process.
    if you see a transplant in your dream - it means that soon you may need someone else's help, which you won't necessarily get
    view of the transplanted organs - may be an expression of health complications and a reminder to perform preventive examinations
    a successful transplant - it means that you will not settle all matters in accordance with your my expectations
    failed transplant - it awaits positive changes
    waiting for transplant - means that your life has become gray and pointless or you feel that you have fallen into a trap with no way out
    carry out a transplant (be a doctor) - life in a safe cocoon will eventually stop making sense for you, according to the usual rules, it can make you stop feeling comfortable with what you are doing
    transplant a loved one - it can reflect a permanent fear for the person you dream about.

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