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Class in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Seeing class in a dream is usually the result of returning to old school memories. If the memories of the class are joyful, then the dream is a sign of satisfaction with the present life If you have unpleasant feelings in your dreams, then you can expect that in an important moment of your life you will be completely alone on the battlefield.
    empty classroom - there is a sign of loneliness or a sad period in your life
    class full of students - a sign that you will start to relocate to your old social circle
    closed class - you will be late with the task that will play a key role in your life
    open class - you still have time to rebuild your relationship with a man who played an important role in the past role in your life
    familiar class - may be evidence of the end of the old h acquaintances or starting completely new ones
    if in a dream you saw the class for the first time - it is a sign that you are going in a completely new direction in your life.

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