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Antipathy in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Antipathy in sleep is a warning not to be overly suspicious of the people we deal with on a daily basis. After all, it's time to believe in the fact that people are just nice to us out of ordinary sympathy. Sleep is also a sign that you will communicate perfectly with people around you.
    if you have an antipathy - maybe this mean that you are unnecessarily complicating things that seemed simple on the surface
    if you are not averse - you will have to admit a mistake you made in the past, next time try to be more cautious
    if you have an aversion to someone - sleep usually foretells a very tense atmosphere, which can lead to numerous misunderstandings, so the best way out of the situation is to stay calm and do what we belong
    unpleasant man - it is a sign that n Do not engage in unnecessary polemics because you can misjudge people or their behavior
    if someone is antipathetic towards you - do not let your bad mood lead to misunderstandings and conflicts
    worrying that someone doesn't like us in a dream - means that we will overcome obstacles that will stand in our way
    if you do not pay attention to antipathic opinions in your sleep - you will not be able to avoid trouble, also remember that scraping old wounds will not change anything in your life.

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