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Caries in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Teeth in dreams are a symbol of life's stress and the equivalent of a protective crown that allows a person to survive bad times in life. A dream about tooth decay means that a spiritual awakening awaits you. During the dream you may feel uncomfortable or you may experience terror. Tooth decay seen in a dream can herald depression or indicate the loss of something important, but also the gain of something you have always wanted. Teeth covered with decay according to the dreamer herald failure at work. Most likely you will invest money in a questionable business, which will bring you a lot of trouble with the law or numerous financial losses.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Caries in a Dream

Caries in dreams can bring to mind sinister associations due to lack of imagination or focusing only on the material aspects of your life.

If you have caries in your dream then it may mean that you will anger a loved one. Certain people will take advantage of your kindness, but will not show you proper respect in return. When you see decay in other people, then you will break contact with someone whose presence makes you very tired.

Tooth decay

If you dream that you see teeth occupied with decay, then this is a sign that you should pay special attention to the internal concerns of your loved ones. Perhaps their psyche is in a bad state and they need your help.

Dream about removing a tooth due to caries

Removing a tooth because of decay is a sign that you will have difficult problems to solve. Disturbing news from your hometown will reach you. Something in your life will slowly begin to break down, if you want miany for good, you must try to understand what it is.

Dream about caries treatment

Treatment of caries according to the dream means that the tension in connection with the continuation of the recently started project will reach its zenith. It will still be difficult for a while, but at some point the situation will normalize and everything will return to normal.

Caries in all teeth dreamer

When you dream that you have caries in all your teeth, then it is a sign that you should take care of your own development or you will notice a newly discovered ability in yourself.

Caries in other cultures and dream traditions:

In ancient dream traditions, tooth decay can indicate that a spiritual awakening awaits you. It is a symbol of pride in the work you have done so far, a sign of professional burnout or a harbinger of accumulating household responsibilities.

Caries and mystical dream book

Caries in the mystical dream book heralds the dreamer's independence. This type of dream can also mean that you should in real life pay special attention to your diet and the diseases that accompany you.

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