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Ax in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    An ax in a dream is a symbol of destruction and parting, hostile attitude and life frustrations. It is a sign of a sudden ending of relationships between close people. A dream about an ax is also an expression of desire reconcile with your opponent, bury your battle ax and make amends. The ax cuts and divides, but also leads to rapprochement and the forging of new relationships. Be cautious when dealing with strangers and friends from the past that you don't know much about today.
    see the ax - in order not to make the same mistakes twice, better use the experience of trusted people you can rely on
    hold the ax - in the face of threats your friends will withdraw from the battlefield and you can only count on yourself
    if a loved one is holding an ax - you can expect big problems with your relatives
    to see blood on the ax - you will entrust an important secret to a man who will have bad intentions towards you
    brandish the ax - you will make an instant professional career that it will hurt the eyes of other people
    chop wood with an ax - divide your problems into smaller ones and you will definitely deal with them
    sharpen the ax - you will be promoted or raised at work; alternatively, a dream foretells a tense situation between fierce rivals, which will end in a brawl
    see the ax blade - you are struggling with your daily routine, which will soon pass and your life will start to take shape, although you will make a few mistakes in the end everything will work out again
    polished ax - the project you are working on will bring tangible benefits
    blunt ax - by you will lose your sluggishness in the eyes of close people, which will be difficult for you to regain later; a dream is also a sign of stagnation in business, which can be taken as a transitional period in life, which will end one day and after which everything will return to its old tracks
    an ax stuck in a tree - you will meet difficult and untrustworthy people who will start to interfere in your private affairs
    if someone chases us with an ax - you are afraid of being betrayed by a man with whom you have a very close relationship
    see someone chasing someone with an ax - you want to be in control of your destiny, but it won't be possible in the foreseeable future
    if someone waves an ax in front of your eyes - you will manage to get out of some unpleasant situation
    broken ax - money won't stick to you in the near future.

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