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Armpit in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Armpit in dreams, just like hands, are a symbol of relationships and social ties. They emphasize interpersonal dependence and closeness. Armpits are a symbol of many emotions and behaviors, they can also be an attribute shame.
    own armpit - it can be an expression of concern for one's own health or indicate the moment of making groundbreaking decisions in life
    stranger's armpit - suggests you stop worrying about other people's glances and unfavorable comments
    many armpits - you will maintain the bonds that were crucial for you in difficult times
    a loved one's armpit - you will make serious changes to alleviate conflicts in your relationship
    hug someone's armpit - a sign that your a positive attitude to life will bring a lot of harmony and happiness to the family nest
    badly smelling armpit - you decide to make public some uncomfortable facts
    armpit hair - heralds that your attitude towards a certain matter will soon change
    shaving or cutting your own hair underneath armpits - after moments of great crisis in life everything will start to normalize with time
    shaving or cutting someone's armpit hair - means that you will impose your beliefs and ideals on someone else
    young man's armpit - means that you will reach out to someone to agree or agree that someone is right
    old man's armpit - prompts the dreamer, to prevent the atmosphere around him from deteriorating
    bleeding armpit - announces the regret for losing a bond with someone who is really close to your heart
    sniffing your armpit - a sign that you are looking for acceptance in your life for the activities you perform every day
    dirty armpit g> - heralds upcoming problems that will be difficult to solve in the future.

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