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Box in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A box appearing in a dream is a sign that you are trying to preserve and protect certain aspects of your nature. The size of the box is related to our emotional state, it is the bigger it is, the more unstable we are in our lives.
    to see - you will start to feel strongly about all restrictions and imposed restrictions
    to open - finally free yourself from fear
    open the box with anxiety - means life insecurity, think about maybe you lack a more assertive attitude in life
    empty box - a dream foretells disappointment
    a full box - you desire what is in the box (it can be money, jewelry, food etc. .)
    paper box - you do not know where your life is going
    box full of money - you will do anything to axis claim the wealth
    box full of toys - it's time to finally grow up.

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