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High voltage lines in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

In dreams, high-voltage lines represent enormous amounts of energy, psychic abilities and hidden secrets, they are also a symbol of female temperament, activity and dynamism. Dream can sometimes arouse fear, especially when accompanied by electric sparks, because they symbolize passionate feelings and spontaneous love.

High voltage lines

When you see power lines in a dream, wisdom will become your hallmark in real life.

Climbing high-voltage lines in a dream portends the grinding and quarrels that will occur between long-time friends.

The dream of building high-voltage lines is a sign that you are embark on a venture that will provoke passionate jealousy in others.

If you dream that you are touching a high-voltage line, it means that thanks to your activity and enthusiasm for work, you will enjoy great respect among the community in which you start trading every day.

Dreaming of high voltage lines above your home is a sign that the information you share with friends and family will cause great excitement and enthusiasm in everyone.

Living close to the power plant in your dream is an announcement that you will make important decisions under the influence of great emotions, but after an in-depth analysis, it will turn out that the choices you made will turn out to be right.

When you dream about electric sparks you can expect a crazy romance with fireworks in the background. A dream can also mean that a temperamental person will appear on your way who will turn your world upside down.

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