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    Dreaming of a physician makes us realize the need for spiritual and emotional healing, and can also illustrate medical problems. Sleep also often indicates the need to break free from a toxic situation or relationship Perhaps you are looking for answers to many questions bothering you, but think who you want to choose as your real advisor.
    see - it's time to take control of your own life
    to see him in a white coat - friends will start to treat you with respect
    see the operating doctor - you will have a sudden and painful change in life
    talk to him - your old desires will come true
    the doctor informs you about the need for a transplant - changes await you, which you are not able to carry out on your own; you will need outside help
    be him - until your wounds heal, until you solve your emotional problem
    treat yourself with him - someone will offer you their support and help
    go to a doctor's appointment - sleep is a warning against losing money
    prescribing doctor - to make radical changes in life you will need encouragement from relatives
    be afraid of him - you are looking for a way out of a difficult situation, thanks to your humility you will quickly get it
    see how he cares for patients - someone from your close people will get married
    the doctor is a member of your family - you will have a pleasant family celebration, most likely a wedding
    to sit in the doctor's waiting room - patience will prove to be your key to success
    see the doctor going - you should get tested, it is possible that you suffer from some kind of chronic disease.

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