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Bunker in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A bunker in a dream is a sign of living in hiding and anger. For some reason you want to take refuge from the world. Perhaps you feel that your life is in danger and you you are in great danger. A dream can also be an expression of real events, most often it concerns turbulent events in the country or within the place of residence.
    see the bunker - you are afraid to be the center of attention, you don't want other people to deal with your private affairs
    be in the bunker - fear of hurting a loved one prevents you from thinking clearly, remember that you are not able to protect anyone from all world, you have to let life go its own wheel
    build a bunker - you will guard the safety of your family, which is more precious to you than all the treasures of the world
    walk around old bunkers - you will think back for a moment to St. your lonely past and you will quickly appreciate how much you have achieved in life
    hide in the bunker - hide your private plans secret from nosy people.

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