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Hanged man in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The appearance of a hanged man in a dream is a very unpleasant dream and it might seem that this nightmare has a negative meaning. However, it turns out that the hanged man is a positive sign usually indicative of changes taking place or an exceptional transformation.

The hanged man

to see him - a dream portends a favorable development of events

if your partner plays the role of a hangman - reflects your overprotection or worrying about minor problems in life

calmly watch them hang someone - remain insensitive to other people's problems

cut off a friend - you want to cut off all contacts with the person you dream about

talk to the hanged man - someone will point out your mistakes from the past

hangman's funeral - you will manage to stave off financial problems or numerous complications in your life

follow it - you will defeat your enemies and achieve what you have planned for a long time

find the hanged man - you will distance yourself from a certain matter.

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