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Dandruff in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Dandruff symbolizes shame, embarrassment and the desire to hide from the world. It may be a warning against unfavorable people, it may also portend some shortcomings on our part. It is quite possible that you are too pushy towards someone or try to impose your own opinion on someone. As a result, you will make decisions under a lot of stress. You should think about the best way to get close to other people.
    see dandruff - you better think about your behavior when you are in the presence of people from higher circles
    see someone - you will need a lot of patience on a certain point
    have dandruff - sleep is a warning against nosy people from your immediate vicinity
    wear clothes - special care should be taken in certain matters
    fight dandruff - soon you will overcome the last adversities and achieve the expected results
    be ashamed of it - you will use up a lot of your energy
    not be able to get rid of it - there will be a minor problem that you will struggle with for quite a long time.

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