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Amulet Dreams: Insights into Love & Protection

An amulet in a dream is a sign of success in love and good relationships in the immediate surroundings. From the information found in dream dictionaries, an amulet is usually associated with magical power and warding off evil spells and curses. In ancient times, many people wore amulets to protect themselves from spirits. In another interpretation, a dream dictionary suggests that an amulet can also be an expression of fear and uncertainty.

Esoteric amulet

Meaning of dreaming about an amulet

Seeing an amulet – in a dream indicates a lack of security in current life. It is also a prediction of valuable discoveries and happy moments in life.

Holding an amulet in hand – in dreams symbolizes luck, health, and prosperity. It is also a sign that you feel vulnerable to the world around you. To achieve full happiness, you only need to trust yourself and reject all doubts and prejudices.

Wearing an amulet around the neck in dreams – foretells that you will receive help when you need it most. Such a dream may also be a prediction of new love or longing. Wearing an amulet is also a symbol of sadness and depression.

Giving someone an amulet – according to dream interpretation, it symbolizes strong paternal feelings that may affect your romantic relationship.

Making an amulet – according to dream interpretation, it signifies that you will encounter someone seemingly unimportant on your path, yet they will have a significant impact on your life and help you achieve most of your goals.

Finding an amulet – in dreams is a symbol of blessing and protection from higher powers. It suggests having an advantage over your enemies for most of your life. In another sense, such a dream may mean that you will ask someone for help.

Losing an amulet – indicates living a life chasing after things that hold little value. Changes are necessary to discover the true purpose of your life. In another interpretation, this type of dream may indicate losing the respect of your surroundings.

Throwing away an amulet – predicts new experiences or significant changes in life that you will need to adapt to.

If you are a woman dreaming about an amulet – it means you will ignore the biggest goal of your life. If you are a man, then such a dream suggests that you will meet someone new on your path.

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