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Stroke Dreams: What They Mean for Your Life

A dream about a stroke is a bad omen, indicating difficulties on the path to success. The life path that seemed clear and straightforward to you will suddenly change completely. Someone will try to disrupt your life at all costs and alter the course of all ongoing matters. In dreams, a stroke symbolizes unexpected events as well as anguish and helplessness.


Meaning of a stroke dream

Having a stroke – in dreams, it signifies that everything in your life will start moving rapidly. Many matters will be on the edge, and you will act impulsively.

Rescuing someone having a stroke – in dreams, it's a sign that you will encounter luck in misfortune; someone will lend you a hand when things get really bad. Only quick reaction will help restore everything to its former state.

An extensive stroke in dreams – foretells serious disturbances both in professional and personal matters. Everything will burst like a soap bubble in a single moment, and repairing and rebuilding the lost life will take a lot of time. It's better to realize early on what this game is about; then it will be easier for you to accept the important elements of the whole puzzle.

Lying in the hospital during a stroke – predicts that you won't be able to achieve everything you dream of. The path to your goal will be difficult and bumpy, but reaching the end will require support and kind words from loved ones.

Treatment for a stroke – according to dream interpretation, it foreshadows a battle with inevitable fate. Such a dream predicts success on the horizon and sunshine after a cloudy phase of life.

Stroke dream dictionary

If you deal with a stroke in a dream, remember that in life, moments are important, and it's worth fully enjoying them. The dream interpretation suggests that you need to act systematically and never rest on your laurels to avoid regrets. Sometimes life gives us a single and unique chance to change fate, which rarely repeats itself.

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