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Liturgy in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Liturgy in a dream represents a sense of community and spiritual guidance. In addition, the dream signifies a need for prayer or concentration. Perhaps you need a moment of solitude to be able to think carefully about certain issues. The dream about the Mass is more common for Christians than for atheists, which, by the way, seems quite obvious.

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What does it mean to dream about Liturgy?

To see a liturgy in a dream usually means that you are taking other people's needs and opinions too much into account, and not thinking about your happiness. In another sense, a dream about a mass may indicate that you desire a moment of peace. Perhaps you feel confused or overwhelmed by a certain situation and need to think everything over carefully, as you do not want to act in haste and recklessly.

Attending mass is a positive dream, usually indicating a desire to get confirmation of the rightness of your choices. It is likely that you have already analyzed all possible scenarios and made a decision, but you continue to seek confirmation. You desire someone to confirm your choice.

When you attend mass with your loved ones, such a dream means that some family celebration, such as a wedding or baptism, is coming soon.

A dream in which you celebrate mass heralds problems in the professional sphere of life. Even the loss of your job is possible. You should, above all, reduce your expenses, as the prevailing crisis can prolong the search for a new job.

When you hear a mass being celebrated in the distance, such a dream usually means that you are satisfied with your life and feel blissful joy because the successes you achieve come without much effort.

When the mass takes place outside, such a dream may mean that you need to distance yourself from friends or acquaintances, especially those who complain about their lot all the time. You feel that their negative energy is not good for you and it is bad for your overall well-being. You may even want to think about expanding your circle of friends.

If you can not attend mass, such a dream may suggest that you feel a strong fear of possible disappointment. Perhaps it is dictated by low self-confidence or you often succumb to emotions, making you afraid that you will perform badly.

A funeral mass means that you will find yourself in an awkward situation. It is possible that two people you have recently met, will quarrel with each other and want you to support them. You must not interfere in their affairs. This is their conflict and lets it stay that way, you certainly have enough problems of your own.

For a more accurate interpretation of the dream about the mass, also check the meanings of church, priest, altar i confession.

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