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    A restaurant that appears in a dream means seeking emotional closeness with a person we care about in real life. You feel overwhelmed by a choice that you will soon have to make. Dreaming about a restaurant can also mean seeking support outside of your environment.
    to see the restaurant - you will not be able to count on the understanding or care of people in your immediate vicinity
    be in a restaurant - before you manage to go straight ahead you will make many mistakes in your life
    eat dinner in a restaurant - you will succeed in a quick and fair way increase your wealth
    to be in a restaurant with family or friends - a dream proposes success on many levels of life
    to be in a restaurant and know everyone guests - such a dream foretells a pleasant meeting full of fun, perhaps you will be invited to a wedding l or you will participate in some important event
    a romantic dinner for two - you want to spend more time with a loved one who has more and more demands on you
    Eat alone in a restaurant
    You feel depressed and lonely in life. A meal, on the other hand, tastes best when consumed in the presence of someone else. Eating a meal alone in a dream expresses the desire to establish contacts with other people and emphasizes the joy of communing with each other. Perhaps you are very busy with personal or professional matters and do not have enough time to develop your social contacts.

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