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Confession in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Confession is a symbol that is associated with the hope of forgiveness of guilt and the desire to admit sins committed in the past. Liberation from the yoke that hinders our daily existence is a chance to start all over again.

Close up on priest hearing a confession of man

Dream of Confession meanings and interpretation

Confession in a dream can foreshadow problems at work. It is possible that you do not fit in with the team or in some other way detach from it, and not necessarily in a negative way. In another sense, a dream about confession means that you are plagued by guilt.

Confession represents an exhortation to change your behavior for the better. A lot of time has passed since you realized your mistakes, but for some reason known only to you, you have not yet done anything about it. Until you hold yourself accountable to the past you will not be able to make any progress.

When you are a Catholic and do not go to confession, such a dream means the combination of observance of divine laws with mundane matters and human needs will be troublesome for you.

When in a dream you listen to someone's confession, it heralds disappointment. You will realize that it is not worth meddling in the affairs of others, because in case of their success, your help will not be properly appreciated, and in case of failure, they will look for the culprit in you.

If you dream about being a clergyman and giving confession to someone, it means that you will have to take sides. You are likely to be drawn into a conflict with people you know and they will try to find an ally in you. You know perfectly well that no matter what choice you make, only annoyances await you.

When you confess your transgressions to a stranger who is not a clergyman, such a dream means that your ideas will not find support. Perhaps you were hoping to get funding from your family or bank, but your project will not arouse the expected enthusiasm and you will be forced to abandon it.

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