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Church in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The church in a dream is a symbol of sacrifice; it means food for the soul and body, it represents its own system of values ​​and things that a person considers sacred, it is also a symbol of faith .
    to see from the outside - someone will stop you from taking an ill-considered action
    to see beautiful, well-kept - you will be more and more flourish more, your spiritual and emotional needs will be finally met by someone
    ruined church - you will lose faith in your own abilities, you will feel lost and lonely
    bombed church - for some reason you cannot meet your spiritual needs and you neglect your loved ones
    collapsing - warning against the dangers that you will not be able to avoid
    burning church - you follow bad roads in life
    enter, be in the church e - you are looking for guidance and spiritual enlightenment; you want someone to lend a helping hand or to lift you up
    pray in church - your requests will be granted
    to feel joy in church - your life situation will become stable and thanks to this you will have a strong sense of security
    feel sad - you are accompanied by a sense of resignation and doubt, you feel that your life going nowhere
    to fall asleep in the church - after a period of temporary problems and doubts you will gain strength and self-confidence and fight a winning fight to improve your fate
    walk by and do not enter it - past mistakes will stand in the way of achieving your goals
    enter church with family - with the support of a responsible person you will again enter the right one way in your life
    fight in the church - you will have an internal struggle regarding your own beliefs.

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