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Altar in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The altar in a dream is a symbol of offering thanks for a successful life. It reflects the desire to be happy in the near future. It symbolizes the need to change one's behavior, attitudes and views. .
    see it - you will make a personal sacrifice or you will start to fear for your dreams of a spiritual nature; for single people it bodes well for marriage; for married people - for parting
    go to the altar - in the near future you will meet a very unpleasant surprise
    see the priest at the altar - the dream portends a quarrel and disharmony both at home and at work, it can also be a sign of guilt
    hidden - as a result of a shocking event in your life you will radically change your behavior
    pray at the altar - your personal requests will finally be heard
    kneel in front of the altar em - unfulfilled dreams will stay forever in your eye
    adorn the altar - it bodes a life full of joy
    to see the satanic altar - beware of bad advisers who do not wish you anything good.

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