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Bite in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A bite may indicate being addicted or suppressing an enormous amount of aggression. Moreover, sleep also indicates an inability to express one's thoughts and desires.
    see the bite - a warning against the dangers of a man who wants to harm you
    to be bitten by someone - watch out for people in your immediate vicinity, because they can hurt you a lot
    to be bitten by an animal - unresolved issues will start to bother you
    bite someone - open your eyes and start acting, because others will do it for you
    to be bitten by insects - you will have doubts whether the choice you made was right
    stay bitten by a snake - someone will ask you for help
    get bitten by a bat - a dream foreshadows an uncertain h times
    to be bitten by a vampire - you're fed up with others using you all the time, it's finally time not to let yourself be manipulated further.

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