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    An elephant in a dream is a symbol of strength, fidelity, endurance and wisdom. It portends years of abundance and peace. It is an expression of a modest attitude that ensures the fulfillment of human desires The dream of an elephant is a sign of happiness and a harbinger of the fulfillment of hopes that were previously unrealistic. If you are a woman and you dream of an elephant, the dream portends an improvement in fertility.
    to see an elephant - you must show understanding in life for those who are weaker than you, alternatively, a dream means that certain memories will accompany you for a long time.
    fear an elephant - you are terribly afraid of confronting a certain man with you have been at odds for a long time, but in the end you will have to face it
    be an elephant - you will have to express your opinion once and for all; finally it's time to make your own plans into force
    ride an elephant - wi elk euphoria will make you forget about the world and indulge in down-to-earth fun; unmarried and unmarried people can meet a reasonable and good partner
    elephant with young - as soon as you start controlling certain people many things will be quickly explained
    see elephant fangs - unfulfilled sexual desires will now be felt
    to see a herd of elephants - a happy combination of events will make your life pleasant for a long time
    elephant's trunk - a positive erotic sign, except when the elephant shakes its trunk vigorously which means too intense urges
    locked in a cage - you will not get away so easily for a man who will keep an eye on you
    black elephant - making your dreams come true will be associated with a difficult challenge
    elephant in the circus - in to some sophisticated group you will meet a small but unexpected plot
    porcelain - a certain person will pass on to you important wisdom that you will keep in your heart for a long time.

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