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Abuse in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Abuse in a dream most often means that you feel insecure in a relationship or situation. A dream can also indicate that you are trying to hide your true feelings. perhaps you suppress your anger towards someone who has caused you pain or offended you in some way, you need to face what is bothering you as quickly as possible. Sleep can also show that your sense of good taste has been disturbed by someone.
    child abuse - usually it is always a sign of anxiety about our own offspring, which we want to protect from the whole world
    if someone is abusing you - it is a sign that you are doing very well in life, people value you for your personality
    if you abuse someone - then the dream opens the way to forgiveness, maybe it is also a sign of self-pity and a tendency to hold back from moving forward by forgiving someone the harm caused by him
    if the abuse is not great - a narcissistic approach to yourself will make you unable to re-analyze your life goals
    high abuse - indicates that you will become more vulnerable to external threats
    overusing someone else's hospitality - means it's time to change your current lifestyle
    abuse towards your partner - you will have difficulty establishing your own plans for the future
    if the abuse is used by a stranger - soon you will become involved in a new relationship or you will start to relate to a new company, you will undoubtedly pretend that you are someone else
    if the abuse is being used by a loved one - you will start to lead a stable and comfortable life that will significantly increase your self-esteem
    abuse of power - most often it portends that a moment of loneliness will make you finally understand why you have entered certain life paths.
    if you see abuse at work - it is a sign that no matter how much people will want change you, you won't give up.

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