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    The dragon is a symbol of a powerful force and blind instincts, which, depending on the behavior of the animal, can liberate us or completely sink us. In some countries, for example in China, the dragon escapes as a sign of happiness, however, in our culture it is seen as a negative symbol. The dragon in a dream is a sign of greed and selfishness sucked out of mother's milk; it symbolizes one's own goals that must be achieved above everything and everyone. The dragon also represents higher power, can symbolize our boss, president or king.
    to see the dragon - the dream symbolizes the paralyzing fear and the greatest fears that constantly overtake a person in everyday life
    see a dragon - a warning against your own selfish whims that can bring misfortune upon us
    to see a fire-breathing dragon - a dream augurs wealth in life
    dragon as fairy-tale character - you will get symp the power of an influential person, thanks to which you will ensure a prosperous future
    sick or wounded dragon - a warning against a powerful enemy who is growing stronger and stronger
    kill the dragon - a dream foreshadows the impending end of problems
    a gentle and polite dragon - a dream augurs a better position at work
    aggressive dragon - you will take a fight that will free you from the fetters that a certain man once gave you
    to be a dragon - you have to change your materialistic approach to life.

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