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    A deposit is a frequent symbol of dreams of wealth and a life full of fun, as well as an expression of concern for the safety of valuables. A dream can also be an expression of real events. Perhaps you are thinking about keeping your savings in a safe place or storing valuables for your loved ones.
    If you put a deposit in the mailbox, it is a sign that you will waste a lot of time on unproductive conversations, unfortunately you will not make everyone happy. As it happens in life, you will have to refuse some of them and convince others to your position.
    A dream in which you see your deposit means that in financial matters you will go far beyond your comfort zone, thanks to which you will improve your financial situation and stop acting against yourself once and for all.
    If the deposit is not yours, then the changes that are preparing, contrary to appearances, can give you many benefits, so it's better to be patient to be able to take advantage of the new opportunities.
    If you dream about taking over someone else's deposit, it is a sign that you will annihilate the actions of your enemies who have been feeding on you for many years. Your courageous deeds will make you gain new friends and significantly improve your image at the same time.
    A stolen deposit tells you that you will be tempted by risky business that will contribute to a turbulent period in your life. If you keep common sense in everything, which you never lack, your life will improve significantly.
    A large deposit in a dream tells you that the time of making difficult decisions, in which it is better not to be guided by jealousy and reproaches, quiet days is not the best method for resolving all decisions, so it is better to bet on an honest conversation.
    A dream in which you get rid of your deposit is an announcement that someone will pay you back the outstanding debt that you have already forgotten, perhaps thanks to this you will stop complaining about your savings, which have been melting in your eyes so far.

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