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Bounty in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A bounty in a dream is a sign of your generosity and hidden talents. Perhaps you want to reveal your feelings to someone or you have something to say on an important point, but you cannot put into words.
    see - you want a certain person to feel important and appreciated
    to have a bounty - people will begin to respect you and trust
    get bounty - you will show generosity towards others
    buy or give expensive bounty - you will devote yourself completely to someone
    get missed bounty - your true nature will eventually be exposed
    shower someone with bounty - you are too insistent on the person you you have a special affection.
    bounty stack - sleep means unused or unrecognized skills and talents
    distribute gifts thoughtlessly - you will lose the trust of a loved one
    accept bounty out of pity - invest your money well
    open up and find something disgusting inside the bounty - disappointment and unexpected failures.

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