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    Veterinarian reflects the lack of acceptance for giving up something that is special and important to us. You are ready at all costs to keep things that you cannot afford, regardless of the costs incurred.
    if you are visiting the vet - the dream suggests that you should adapt your behavior to the prevailing social rules, for a more detailed analysis of sleep pay attention to which animal you are pretending to be see the vet
    if you are a vet - it means that you will manage to solve your mental problems on your own
    see an animal operating - you trust your friends' advice more than your own judgments
    to see an animal vaccinate - you will be influenced by an unknown person
    a vet who gives birth to some of the animal - it is a symbol of good heart and an expression of care for another person
    to be with him dog - sometimes, you stick too tightly to your own ideals
    to be with him with a cat - too often you count on blind luck
    for farmers - it is a sign that unexpected expenses await you.

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