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Celery in a dream: What does this symbol hide?

Celery in a dream suggests caring for the body and striving for a balanced lifestyle. However, the meaning of celery in a dream can be more complex. For example, a dream of fresh celery indicates readiness for new beginnings, while rotten celery signifies missed opportunities or neglect of important aspects of life.

Chopped celeriac

The Symbolism of Celery in a Dream

If you eat celery in your dream, it foretells joyful moments full of happiness and satisfaction. The dream is a sign that a period of enjoying the fullness of life is on the horizon.

If you dream of planting celery, it's a good omen indicating fulfilled love and a happy life. Your relationship has a long future ahead, and love will bloom like a healthy plant.

When you harvest celery in your dream, it signifies additional responsibilities ahead. It's a challenge but also an opportunity for growth. Through this effort, you will achieve promotion or a raise faster, leading to greater job satisfaction and contentment.

Rotten celery is a signal that negative events have entered your life, or you've neglected something important. Get rid of toxic relationships or situations that have an adverse influence on you. The dream reminds you to take care of your health, both physical and mental.

Buying celery suggests that disappointment related to romance may be just around the corner. Be cautious with your feelings and don't let momentary emotions lead to potential problems.

When you peel celery in your dream, it means that a new acquaintance or relationship will turn out to be costly. There's a risk that you'll invest many resources into something that won't bring you much satisfaction or benefit. It's important to be cautious and carefully consider relationship-related decisions.

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