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    A dog in a dream symbolizes loyalty and a warning of impending danger. In a negative sense, it means losing control over one's own life. It also reflects excessive sexual drive or unjustified anger towards a certain person from our environment.
    see - although you have a weakness for someone, in a certain situation you will show a very courageous attitude
    throw something at him - watch out for hostile people, they will try to manipulate you
    pat the dog on the stomach - you will show great trust in the other person
    play with the dog - your plans will eventually fail
    dress him in dog clothes - you will try to hide your own flaws from someone
    look for the missing dog - soon a bitter truth that you are no longer able to hide
    bathes your dog - you will show a caring attitude
    hear the dog howling - you will find yourself in a situation with no way out
    barking dog - sleep is a warning of the impending danger
    growling dog - you are internally torn and do not know how to proceed in your life
    to be chased by a dog - you will be dealing with pressure and problems in your love life
    being chased by many dogs - be careful as you may fall into a trap that you will not there will be a way out, so be careful and don't take any risks on your own
    dog chasing its own tail - your actions will prove fruitless
    be attacked by a dog - unexpected problems will arise in your life; sleep can also reflect problems with some addiction
    if the dog bites someone - do not be fooled by appearances and do not believe the rumors, they can only contribute to ruining your plans
    to be bitten - sleep is a warning against external threats
    to spank someone with a dog - you will feel the effects of human malice on your own skin
    seeing several dogs biting each other - avoid important meetings and decisive conversations, this is not the time to take risks
    a dead or dying dog - unnecessarily you will give up something that used to make you feel safe in life
    buy a dog - sleep reflects the human tendency to compliment others
    angry dog - be careful, your friend may betray you
    tame and fattening - in difficult moments do not lose your cold blood
    wild dog - you want your life to be more carefree
    hunting dog - a dream indicates your excessive ambitions that could ruin your family life
    guard dog - you will start to protect what is precious to you
    hunting dog - sleep reflects your reckless approach to life
    dog racing w - you will chase material goods in life
    a dog eating a snake - a close friend will help you make the right decision
    tied to chain - do not be too reckless because you can expose your finances to big losses
    dog on a leash - a negative sign that in some situations you needlessly lose your composure , you may be badly received by the environment
    beautiful purebred dog - heralds the beginning of a new relationship
    luxurious dogs - a prediction of a comfortable of life
    a dog with two heads - stay vigilant and you will avoid unnecessary trouble
    black dog - someone very close to you will start working to your disadvantage
    white - you will meet nice people who will change your view of the world
    big and red - your love life finally flourishing no
    doghouse - you probably can't save your property anymore.

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