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Dogs, next to cats, are the most common animals in human dreams. A dog in a dream symbolizes fidelity and warns of impending danger. In a negative sense, according to the dream book, a dog means losing control over its own life. It also reflects excessive sexual desire or unjustified anger towards an important person in the immediate vicinity.

The basic importance of dreaming about a Dog:

Big dog

Dreaming of a big dog is a symbol of loyalty. You will most likely meet people in your life who share your views and will be your friends for a long time. In many life situations, they will show a loyal approach and support to you.

Playing with a dog

Dreaming of playing with a dog is a sign that you will find a powerful protector on your way. Perhaps your supervisor will like you and entrust you with more responsible tasks at work. With such strong support, you will have no reason to be ashamed.

Giving someone a dog

If you dream that you are giving a dog to someone, it portends misfortune. You will face a big problem that will make you have to change your life basically. Adapting to new circumstances will not be easy either.

Snarling dog

According to the knowledge from the dream book, a dream about a growling dog is a sign of life's failures and worries, a harbinger of difficult to overcome. However, everything will end very successfully for you, because the problems you have been facing for a long time will turn out to be of little importance. A snarling dog also means that you will find yourself in a dead end in your life, you will be torn apart and you will not know how to proceed.

Mad Dog

If you dream that you see a rabid dog then it is a sign that your friend will become your fierce enemy. You will begin to resent each other for things that have never bothered you before. You will find yourself in a vicious circle from which you will finally have no way out. Mad dog in dreams warns to be careful because your friend may betray you.

Sick dog

Dreaming about a sick dog in the dream book means that one of your family members will need your help, but will be ashamed to ask for it.

Howling dog dream interpretation

A howling dog in dreams warns against illness. Dream is a warning against numerous dangers in the dreamer's life and calls for better care for one's health. A dog howls in a negative sense that you will find yourself in a dead end situation.

Feeding the dog

Feeding a dog in dreams is a symbol of human sacrifice. You love and respect other people and are capable of many sacrifices for them, and you selflessly desire to share everything you have with them. However, be careful not to run into parasites who will take advantage of you at every opportunity.

White dog

Dreaming of a white dog is a sign that in the next period of your life you will not miss anything. You will finally be fully happy and live your life to the full. The dream book informs you that a white dog in dreams also means that you will meet nice people who will change your view of the world.

Black Dog

The dream of a black dog is associated with fear, problems, misfortune, and poverty. However, when they are over, your life will take on positive colors again and change for the better. In another sense, the dream of a black dog shows that someone very close to you will start working against you. The black dog in women's dreams can be interpreted in two ways. Single women can count on meeting a good man or a loved one from the past. A black dog in men's dreams means that he will meet a rival on his way.

A stray dog

A dream of a stray dog ​​shows that you will have to make an important choice for your family. Depending on your choices, the situation will change for better or worse.

Save the dog

If you embrace or save a dog, it is a sign that you will do a good deed in your dreams. Thanks to this, you will have more people around you, on whose support you can count on at any time.

Buying a dog

The dream interpretation reveals that buying a dog is a sign of loneliness or a sense of pain. If you are with someone, maybe your relationship is not going very well. I think it's time for a sincere conversation with your loved one. According to the dream book, buying a dog reflects the human tendency to compliment others.

Dream interpretation of the sale of a dog

Selling a dog in a dream means that you will break someone's heart with your actions or decisions. Perhaps you will even break your promise to someone. In any case, it will be your responsibility to make that person feel unwell.

Stealing a dog

The dream of a dog stolen indicates that you will try to build your happiness on someone else's misfortune. Unfortunately, this will make your satisfaction short-lived. You have to ask yourself again if this is the right way to get what you want in life.

Dream interpretation puppy:

If you see a puppy in your dream, it means that you will receive an unexpected gift that will make you really happy. The dream of puppies foretells a long and happy life for young couples, the preservation of stable family relationships and happy friendships. Your loved ones can always count on you, which they love and praise you very much.

Dog bath

The dream of bathing a dog in a dream portends that you will finally show someone the emotional side of your own soul. Someone will finally figure you out and see a version of you quite different from what you present to the world. Bathing your dog in dreams is also a sign that you will show a caring attitude.

Walking the dog

A dream in which you walk your dog means that you will have responsibilities that you like. You should not get involved in risky or illegal business transactions. Someone promises you easy money that may not be legal. Consider whether it is worth accepting such an offer, no matter how tempting it sounds.

Dog fight

Dream fighting dogs are not a good sign. They portend unpleasant experiences that you will face soon. This type of dream can also mean that you will reject your romantic advances and you will feel humiliated or disappointed.

Hitting the dog

To dream of hitting a dog means that other people will misinterpret your intentions or actions, and you will face a public judgment. In another sense, the dream of hitting a dog means that you will wrongly accuse someone of being cruel or shameless. You won't have concrete evidence for this, except for rumors you hear from the outside.

Dead dog

Dreaming of a dead dog is a sign that you are doubting a loved one. Your friend will not give you the support you need, which will undermine mutual trust. Alternatively, dreaming of a dead dog could herald a new beginning in your life. A dead or dying dog in your dreams is a sign that you will unnecessarily give up something that used to give you a sense of security in your life.

Detailed interpretation of the dog in the dream book:

The view of a dog shows that although you have a weakness for someone, in a certain situation you will show a very courageous attitude towards him.

Throwing something at him in his dream is a warning to watch out for people who are hostile to you, as they will constantly try to manipulate you.

In a dream, stroking a dog on the stomach is a sign that you will show great trust in the person you like.

According to the dream book, playing with the dog is a sign that your plans will not come to fruition after a long fight.

If you dress your dog in clothes, it is a dream sign that you will try to hide your own flaws from someone. Remember that camouflage is not always a good solution.

Searching for a missing dog in dreams heralds that soon a bitter truth that you are no longer able to hide will emerge.

According to the dream book, a barking dog is a warning of impending danger.

If you are being chased by a dog then you will be dealing with pressures and problems in your love life.

When you are chased by many dogs, the dream book warns you to be careful, because you may fall into a trap from which there will be no way out, so be careful and do not take risks on your own.

A dog chasing its own tail is a sign that your lofty actions will be fruitless.

If you are attacked by the belt, unexpected problems will arise in your life. Alternatively, dream may also reflect problems with various types of addiction.

When a dog bites someone in a dream, it is a message not to be fooled by appearances and not to believe gossip, because they can only contribute to the ruin of your ambitious plans.

If you dream that you are being bitten by a dog, the dream is a warning against external threats.

Cheering someone with a dog in a dream is a sign that in the future you will feel the effects of human malice on your own skin.

If you see several dogs biting each other in dreams, then it is better to avoid important meetings and decisive conversations as this is not the time to take unnecessary risks.

A tame and gooey dog, according to the dream book, is a message not to lose cold blood in difficult moments.

A wild dog is a sign in your dreams that you want your life to be more carefree than before.

A hunting dog seen in a dream indicates your excessive ambitions which, due to lack of attention, can ruin your family life.

According to the dream book, the guard dog says that you will finally start to protect what is most valuable to you in your life.

A hunting dog that appears in a dream most often reflects a reckless attitude towards the life of the dreamer.

The dog racing foretells that you will be blindly chasing material goods in your life.

A dog eating a snake is a sign that a close friend will help you make the right decision on an important matter.

A chained dog is a message not to be too reckless as you can put your finances at risk.

A dog on a leash is usually a negative sign that in some situations you needlessly lose your composure, and you may be badly perceived by your surroundings.

A beautiful purebred dog, according to the knowledge taken from the dream book, heralds the beginning of a new relationship.

Luxurious dogs are a prediction of a comfortable life.

A dog with two heads is a warning in dreams to stay alert to avoid unnecessary trouble in life.

Big and red dog is a sign that your love life will finally bloom.

A doghouse proves that you will probably not be able to save your property due to one small mistake.

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