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    A cat in a dream is a symbol of independence, creativity and power, it also signifies misfortune and bad luck. Cats often appear in the dreams of pregnant women, they also take on erotic meanings.
    see the cat - you delude yourself that everything will turn out by itself for you
    get it - you should trust yours more often intuition, so far you have rarely failed
    to see without a tail - you will lose your independence and you will suffer from lack of freedom
    cat droppings - routine will start to bother you; think about changes
    to be bitten by a cat - you will get worried and frustrated, especially when something goes against the plan
    save his life - you will regain your strength and independence
    wild cat - fear of your own psychic abilities or lack of faith in your own sixth sense
    black cat - you live in a fantasy world, you idealize certain things, often lie and exaggerate everything unnecessarily, such behavior will not improve your fate
    white cat - you have a crush on someone who he may not even know about your existence
    find a cat - don't let anyone restrict your freedom
    dead - acting with passion, you can easily deal with problems
    in a cage - a dream announces parting with someone very dear to you
    to see or hear someone killing cat - you lack freedom and independence in life
    playing cat - meet someone with a playful and playful nature
    see the attacker cat - trust your instinct
    pet the cat - you will be surrounded by ungrateful people
    scratching flea cat - you will feel on a certain deal issue hurt, but this feeling will pass quickly
    to be scratched by a cat - you will have to overcome numerous adversities to achieve your goal
    scratch him - you will experience ingratitude from guilty people
    fawning cat - you feel fear of women
    have a lot around you - you are surrounded by dishonest friends
    cat fur - you will find what you have been looking for for a long time in your life
    coaxing cat - someone will falsely offer you praise and compliments
    see the cat with the cubs - you will be provoked to do something that you wanted to avoid
    meowing cat - arduous moments ahead of you that will pass quickly
    little kittens - herald success, especially in love.

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