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Battle in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream battle is a sign of sorrow and constant anxiety. The dream interpretation reveals that there is a conflict between your rational and the irrational side. Excessive nervousness, but also intuition tells you to take better care of your own health and start to be more careful in life. In the dreams of former soldiers, the dreams of the battle are most often reflected in images associated with old memories. In other people, they are a sign of hidden hostility, envy, which usually causes excessive excitement and nervousness. The battle dream can also be a symbol of family feuds and disputes.

Meaning of dream: BATTLE

    If you can see or take part in a battle, it is a sign that you are overworked. You need to take a break and finally rest. Alternatively, dream may mean that you are suppressing all kinds of drives, mostly of a sexual nature.
    A short battle is an announcement that you will quickly end a conflict that you unnecessarily initiate.
    A long dream battle is a sign that you will lose your patience in some matter and finally start acting on your own. Only this way out of the situation will give you greater independence in life.
    When you die in battle, a dream foreshadows the beginning of a new phase in your life. You will face a life challenge, which will turn out to be a ticket to start new adventures.
    If you see dead bodies on the battlefield, such a dream is a positive sign, it means that you will start all over again, but the backstage and the people who will stand by your side will change.

Dream interpretation: the battle won.

    Winning the battle should make you anxious. The dream book says that the atmosphere around you will be very tense. Constant arguments can only cause you a lot of health problems. A battle in your dreams also means that your enemies will rally against you and plan an attack that you cannot fight back on your own.

Dream interpretation: lost battle

    A lost battle is in dreams a harbinger of successful events and many successes in the near future. Without any major problems, you can persuade a certain person to take part in a joint venture that will provide you with considerable profits.

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