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Banner in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Banner in a dream reminds you of the need to improve your own organization and planning. It is an expression of a manifesto against a situation with which we clearly disagree. If there is an inscription on the banner, then the dream is an expression of a struggle for a higher goal, while if there is a drawing on it, it is a sign of reconciliation and approval for the reality that surrounds us. The banner can also be an expression of a subconscious cry for help from a person in a difficult situation.
    The view of a banner is a sign that you will take action in your life that will help you get up and continue to fight for your own good and those of your surroundings. Your loved ones are just waiting for you to take the first step yourself.
    A disturbing banner is a sign that your reluctance to certain activities and lack of achievement will put you in a melancholy state. While this should not be a cause for anxiety or panic, it should give you pause.
    If you who hang the banner, it means that you will find many opportunities to start overcoming various types of obstacles, thanks to your persistence and ambitions you will have a sense of your own fitness and strength.
    A torn or damaged banner is a warning not to take too many responsibilities on your shoulders, as closing all cases may not be realistic. As much as you'd like, you won't jump over yourself, so you'd better focus on what's most important to do.
    The banners during the strike herald that you will finally experience a change from the tedious routine, the spontaneous task given to you to do it will finally let you prove yourself. However, remember that it is not worth arguing about trifles, sometimes it's better to yield. Scratching old wounds is not the best way. If you do an inventory of your feelings, you may find yourself moving in a completely different direction.
    If the banner contains positive slogans, it is a sign that you will show off by showing your skills. You will be completely unnecessarily suspicious of a certain person, because nothing bad will happen.
    A banner with sad slogans means that you will get into a negative mood and you will start to close yourself in your gray reality. It is better to think it over again and think about whether it is worth talking to someone about it and together think about how to deal with a difficult situation.

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