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Convulsions in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Convulsions in a dream symbolize a lack of self-confidence. In addition, they can mean that you are suppressing or even killing some aspect of your personality. You have lost your balance in life and lost the ability to make the right choices.

Dream of Convulsions meanings and interpretation

If you have convulsions in your dream, it may mean that you are not able to live up to someone else's expectations. Perhaps your parents or your partner have high expectations of you that you are unable to meet. It makes you try to cut yourself off from it by closing in on yourself.

If in a dream you see a person having convulsions, it means that you should be more assertive and assertive. Perhaps in your life someone is strongly influencing you and trying to direct you.

Dreaming of a baby having seizures indicates that your life is going nowhere. Perhaps you feel that you have achieved nothing in your life, neither at work nor in your private life. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, try to change your habits.

If your partner has convulsions, such a dream means that you have unrealistic expectations. In addition, sleep may indicate a lack of action and initiative. Perhaps, instead of focusing on action, you only plan or tell stories of what would have happened. Without action, there is no effect, and if your only action is fairy-tale writing, at least write a book or start a blog and see what it will lead you to.

When your enemy has a convulsions, it may mean that you have misjudged the situation or made the wrong choice and are now bothering you. Instead of focusing on dwelling on the past, think about what it can change to move forward.

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