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Preserves in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Preserves appear in women's dreams much more often than in men's, especially in the autumn-winter period, but not only. A summer dream about storing preserves for the winter can also speak of a frugal human nature and a desire to secure a stable future without unnecessary surprises. Remember, however, that too intense work and constant saving leading to denying yourself everything in life can lead to unnecessary frustrations.


Symbolism of dreams about Preserves

Storing preserves in jars is one of the oldest ways of preserving food, which preserves its nutritional value and also taste qualities and allows for the consumption of food out of season.

Jars of preserves

When you dream that you see jars with various preserves, it may be a sign that to prevent a personal financial crisis, you will give up your plans, which you have had in mind for a long time. In another meaning, such a dream can foretell that someone's modesty will make you sad.

Empty jars

When you dream that you see empty jars for preserves, it means that you will start looking for excuses for your laziness. In the end, even the most absurd arguments will not improve your financial situation if you do not get to work.

Full jars

Full jars of preserves, according to well-known dream symbolism, are a sign of generosity and sometimes unnecessary extravagance. Essentially, however, they speak of increased work giving far-reaching results and incredible satisfaction. A dream about full jars is therefore a symbol of hard work and testifies to the need to secure a stable future.

Fruit preserves

A dream about fruit preserves is a prediction of a joyful period in the life of every person. Fruit preserves testify to positive energy and vibrations that you will be able to share with others. Such a dream also speaks of solid foundations and pillars on which the life of the dreaming person is based.

Preserves for the winter

A dream about storing preserves means that you will start feeling a permanent fear for your own future. You were probably put off by some life stumble. Maybe you are also trying to save some money, but you are not succeeding or you do not want to lose your current job at any cost.

Dream about the view of preserves in the pantry

When you dream that you see preserves in jars on a shelf in the pantry, it means that you are afraid of poverty. Most likely you have experienced it in your past and now you want to keep as far away from it as possible. You also do not want your history to ever repeat itself.

Preparing preserves

A dream in which you prepare preserves carries a message that life is too short to waste it on unnecessary quarrels or reminiscing about the past. It is high time to think and take steps related to building a stable future.

Buying preserves

A dream about buying preserves is a warning to limit unnecessary expenses, to not eventually lead to bankruptcy. Be careful not to do something that no one wants, because in the end you will be left alone on the battlefield.

Dream about smashing preserves

When you dream about smashed preserves it is a harbinger of upcoming expenses. You will start regretting missed chances and will do everything to make sure that such a situation never repeats itself again.

Spoiled preserves

A dream about spoiled preserves heralds that a lack of experience in a certain field will eventually get you into big trouble. Working with cunning people can make you make a mistake or make a wrong decision that will distance you from achieving your goals.

Eating preserves

A dream about eating preserves predicts that a victory or success of a close person will bring you a lot of joy in life. You will be proud of them and you will celebrate the victory together.

What does a dream about preserves mean according to the mystical dream book?

A dream about preserves means that you will soon see the first results of your increased work. Preserves in dreams can also be a message that fighting for someone who does not want to fight for you makes no sense. Such a dream also means that the solution to some problems usually involves a willingness to compromise.

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