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Bake in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The bake in a dream is a symbol of energy and causative power. It is a harbinger of the next stage in life, in line with the inner desires of the person who dreams about it. A dream bake symbolizes things closely related to the home, such as one's own place on earth and warmth. According to the dream book, the dream about the bake, due to the heat it produces, is also associated with the mother's womb, which may suggest fear of accidental pregnancy.
    see warm - you will find yourself in nice and family company
    cold - your relationship with your friend will cool down over time
    hot stove - someone will spread malicious rumors about you
    the stove is dying out - you lack support in your life, you want someone to finally cheer you up and provide you with a sense of security
    to heat yourself on the stove - you will find true love in life
    burn yourself with it - you will be distracted by suspicion and jealousy; possibly disappointment in love
    tiled stove - if you show more willingness to act, someone will finally appreciate your efforts
    bread oven - talk to someone in a difficult case
    bake in the basement - the energy that you have been suppressing for some time will soon be felt
    old - a tricky opponent will let you in raspberries
    new - you will have to make an effort to get into the position you want
    furnace explosion - be careful, because of someone else's you will take your advice to a dead end
    burn porcelain in the furnace - satisfaction with your own achievements will make your life full of happiness
    burn something in the furnace - if the flame is easily ignited - sleep foretells peace and family happiness; if, however, it is impossible to ignite - a dream foreshadows quarrels and disputes
    wash it, clean it - do not confide in nosy people, it will not lead you to anything
    stove pipe - only by regularly overcoming obstacles you will start to move forward in life
    clean the chimney and get dirty - you will misplace your feelings
    get dirty with soot - someone's expectations will scare you soon
    if you want to warm up on it, but it's cold - a close person will disappoint you completely.

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