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Success in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Dreaming of our achievements and successes may indicate the need to be recognized and adored.
    achieve success on your own - a dream in which we achieve some success proves our need for recognition, maybe it is enough for someone to pat us on the shoulder and say "excellent job" and we will be proud of ourselves. In other circumstances, you are looking for a sphere in which you can prove yourself ahead of others or just trying to find new horizons. Dreams in which we have a halo, a pair of wings, the power to fly or walk on water testify to the fact that we are proud of our own achievements.
    someone else's success - if in our dreams a stranger is successful, and we support it without a hint of jealousy, it is exactly as if we were achieving this success ourselves; however, when another person's success is accompanied by jealousy - such a dream foretells our failure in an important matter.
    If we know the person who succeeded in our dream, we have to consider how much he means to us, what character traits he has or what his intentions are.
    team success - a dream can be used as a guideline not to take everything on your shoulders in life
    family and friends celebrate your success - you feel that your achievements are admired by everyone
    crowd cheering for you - you want public recognition of your achievements
    receive an award, medal or some decoration - you lack self-confidence, you want to reminding about own successes.

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