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Apple in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    An apple in a dream represents long life and happiness, it portends happiness in love and good business. Symbolizes harmony, pleasure and fertility; it also represents the sexual sphere and lust. Very often, dream is also an expression of the dreamer's lack of maturity. This is a sign that you must grow up because you have been acting very immature for some time. In another sense, the apple dream may also represent the fall of mankind. Apples growing on a tree are a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and prosperity.

What is the spiritual meaning of the apple?

    The apple is an ambiguous symbol that indicates the dreamer's remorse and doubts. It represents the materialistic side of man and the inability to resist life's temptations, it is also a sign of reckless decisions and an ancient symbol of fertility. The apple theme is found in many religions and myths, and is also an important biblical symbol seen as the forbidden fruit. When a pregnant woman dreams of apples, it is the announcement of the birth of a boy.

What does a wormy apple mean in a dream?

    A wormy apple in a dream can mean you are definitely taking a new step in your life. Since a worm is essentially a "parasite," this could mean that someone is taking advantage of you.

What does a green apple mean in a dream?

    The dream about a green apple signifies fullness and prosperity, it portends the flowering of love, it is also an expression of an immature attitude, blind trust in everyone around and innocent naivety. Your own life experience is irreplaceable, you believe in yourself and you are absolutely right. Don't give up on your intentions so easily, as they are not as unrealistic as you think. A green apple is a sign that you are a visionary with clear goals and high aspirations. Perhaps you feel that you are not ready to achieve everything you want. Over time, however, you will adapt to the new state of affairs and a happy end awaits you. When you see others eating a green apple, it is a sign that you are in for a wonderful life.

What does a red apple mean in a dream?

    The red apple represents passion, it is a symbol of happiness that leads to a successful life and prosperity, it indicates the beginning of a successful period in life, which will not be very important at first, but may change later. Soon you will implement some of your coveted plans and everything will work out in the end. If the red apple is crushed, then the dream indicates a new career and life progress, it also symbolizes joy in all areas of life.
    A ripe and red apple appearing in a dream means that you will be rewarded after a long scarcity.

What does it mean to eat an apple in a dream?

    Eating an apple in a dream symbolizes knowledge, spiritual development and intelligence, it is also a sign of positive energy. A dream can portend you to engage in a romantic relationship that will become your weakness over time. If the apple you eat was sweet, someone new will soon appear in your life.

What does it mean to cook with apples in a dream?

    Cooking an apple means that you will use your old experience and knowledge to create something new and beautiful. You will be successful in what you do. No matter what other people say, you should always follow your heart. You will finally feel at peace. After the recent events, you will need a little respite.

What does the dream about an apple lying on the ground mean?

    If you dream that an apple is lying on the ground, it means that you should be careful who you trust, because in the near future a certain person will try to manipulate you in order to achieve their goals. False friends wait for you to make a mistake and get hurt.

When you see a ripe apple in a dream

    A ripe apple means that new opportunities will appear on the horizon, you will eventually be rewarded for your hard effort and dedication. Happiness will be on your side. At work, fine-tuning many details will make you finally enjoy numerous achievements.

What does the dream of apple pie indicate?

    Apple pie or apple pie are a symbol of love, romance, temptation as well as wisdom and knowledge. If you dream of eating apple pie, it means that you will have to work hard to get what you want from life. Things won't go as easy as you think, but once you're dealt with them, your work will pay off.
    Rotten or eaten apples are a sign that by neglect and carelessness in life you will lose your credibility and position.
    An apple in a basket is an announcement of joyful moments.
    Picking apples from trees is a symbol of happiness at home.
    A blossoming or fruitful apple tree means you will build a bond that will only benefit you.

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