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The torch in dreams symbolizes confidence, enlightenment, or the ability to succeed in life. According to some dream books, torches can signify the beginning of a new path in the dreamer's life. It is also a sign that there will be an opportunity to get to know your fears better and try to fight them. Since a torch is inherently associated with fire, it can also portend a dreamlike hot romance or other powerful learning that you will not be able to resist.

The torch in dreams - meaning and interpretation:

  1. View of the torch
  2. Dream of wearing a torch
  3. When in a dream others carry a torch
  4. Burning torch
  5. The torch is extinguished
  6. Extinguishing torches

View of the torch

A dream in which you see a torch is a very positive omen. This is a sign that you will be successful in business. Perhaps you will receive a coveted promotion that you have earned for a long time. Your hard work will finally be rewarded. Of course, there are other benefits to professional success as well. Your friends will treat you with more respect, although at the same time you will not manage to shake off the jealous stares on their part.

Dream of wearing a torch

Carrying a torch in dreams means that someone will begin to love you. It is an announcement that you will find a person with whom you will be able to share everything, you will find your real other half. Happiness will radiate from you. It is also a sign that you will be able to achieve your own desires and goals.

When in a dream others carry a torch

If in a dream you see other people with torches, such a dream indicates that you are in for a fierce quarrel with a colleague from work or with your supervisor. You will stand firm for what you do, even if it turns out that you were wrong in the end. In this way, you will also want to prove your worth and self-confidence.

Burning torch

The dream of a flaming torch represents a return to a once abandoned plan. You will find that now is a good time to go back to your old idea and start putting it into practice again. Alternatively, dreaming of a burning torch means finding happiness in love. You will meet great happiness that you will want to share with your relatives and friends.

The torch is extinguished

The extinguished torch, according to dream books, warns of failure. This is a harbinger that you should be especially careful in everything you do, because you can easily make a mistake that can cost you a lot.

Extinguishing torches

If in a dream you put out a torch, such a dream proposes that you give up your big plans. Unfortunately, things will not go your way and you will have to rethink your dreams and desires. You will be able to come back to some of them in the future, unfortunately, the most important ones will be irretrievable for you. As difficult as it is, it is best if you focus on the present instead of dreaming about the future.

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