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Fire in a dream is a symbol of passion, obsession, anger and bitterness. It is very often a warning against taking dangerous and risky actions. The dream of fire is also a harbinger of destruction, desire and energy. Fire in life is widely used and used in every ceremony. It can destroy human achievements, it can take various forms both in life and in dreams. This is a warning dream that should not be underestimated in the light of current reports. According to the well-known dream symbolism, fire represents the power of destruction, revenge and the driving force. According to Carl Jung, fire is the most common harbinger of life changes, it is also associated with the end of the spiritual journey and finding the spiritual truth.

Dream of Fire meanings and interpretation

Lighting a fire

A dream in which you light a fire is a positive omen, may be an announcement of a loved one visiting. Lighting a fire in your dreams also means that better times will soon come for you, your professional life will soon improve. Lighting a fire in a fireplace shows the need to lead a comfortable life.

A house on fire

If you dream about a fire in your home, it is a sign that a certain life situation will start to overwhelm you. Dangerous and uncontrollable emotions will get out of hand and you will hear something you don't want. This type of dream can also mean that a certain person is forcing you to do something that you are not completely satisfied with.

Fire extinguishing

If the fire in your dream was extinguished by the fire brigade, it means a new beginning. In another sense, putting out a fire prophesies that someone will deprive you of home bliss or change your perspective in life. It can also mean that you have unclean intentions towards someone.

Lighting a fire

The dream of lighting a fire is a harbinger of the realization of dreams and passions. In a negative sense, it may indicate temporary worries, anxieties and conflicts. The dream of lighting a fire means that you are ready in life to overcome fear and receive spiritual support and guidance from an experienced person. In another sense, it may also indicate that someone has great affection for you but is afraid to reveal them to you.

Fire in the house

When you see your home on fire then you may not be able to control your emotions anymore. Sleep can also be associated with difficult relationships in life or financial losses. Since home indicates our comfort, a dream home fire means change. If you dream that someone will burn your house, it may be associated with a difficult time in your life.

Fire and smoke

If you see fire and smoke in a dream, it can be associated with big problems in your life. It may indicate internal traumas, and most likely someone will also try to destroy you in life. Only keeping a proper distance can ensure your inner balance and protect you from difficult times.

Fire and water

A dream in which you see fire and water at the same time indicates the need to maintain balance in life, represents two sides of the personality and elements that contradict each other. Perhaps you are in a complicated situation and you want to make sure all issues are completed successfully. Fire and water in a dream may indicate that you should focus as much as possible on your future now.

Sitting by the fire

From a spiritual standpoint, sitting by the fire in your dreams is associated with power, passion, control and living as expected. This type of dream prophesies a glorious future filled with joy and blessing. The dream of sitting by the fire carries the message that it is time to organize a family dinner or an evening with an important social circle.

Detailed interpretation of the dream about fire:

A bright flame of fire means someone will love you back. If a bright flame is intertwined with a lot of smoke - a dream bodes misfortune.

The yellow flame is a dream warning not to fall victim to the theft.

Lighting a fire in an open space is a sign that you will be able to count on a sincere friendship in your life.

The thick smoke of a fire is a dream sign that numerous misunderstandings will make you stop confiding in a certain person.

If you dream that you are falling into fire, it means that you will suffer heavy losses that will be difficult for you to make up for.

When you are surrounded by fire in a dream, it is a sign that you will gain additional motivation to take important actions thanks to your own creative energy.

If in your dreams you see a fire in a stove or fireplace, it means good prospects for the future.

If you dream that you are falling into fire or flames, someone will do you numerous and unannounced damage.

Putting out a fire in a furnace or in a bonfire bodes health problems that will make it difficult to implement life plans.

Dancing around the fire heralds good news.

If you are trying to put out the fire in a dream without success, it is a sign that a certain situation will get out of your control, so better take matters into your own hands and try to prevent the unpleasant ending of the matter.

Running away from fire means that you will free yourself from worries that poison your life and obscure your future, or from people who inhibit your development. You will erase from your past the demons that keep coming back to you and still poison your life.

If you dream that you are suffering damage from fire, it is a sign that someone will discourage you from working, and you will rest on your laurels.

According to the dream book, fire falling from the sky means that you will have to come to terms with life injustice.

Fire in other cultures and traditions:

In Western culture, fire should give man a feeling of annihilation, because all things burned in fire disappear without a trace. According to the Bible, fire is a symbol of God's guidance, protection and metamorphosis. It also brings wisdom and knowledge to man.

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