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Air in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The air in a dream most often symbolizes freedom, creativity, intelligence and inspiration needed to achieve success, especially if it is clean and we breathe it freely.
    problem with air intake - this is a sign that someone will start limiting your actions
    if someone gives you air (in the form of an oxygen mask) - you will begin to feel a strong fear of the near future
    clean air - it announces that you will find additional motivation in yourself that will enable you to complete a complicated task
    contaminated - sleep portends negative external influences and interference that may disrupt the possibility of better development
    humid air - be careful, because someone wants to harm you
    heavy and dense - you are faced with making an important decision that will determine your next future
    cold air - a difficult period full of changes awaits you, at first you may be overwhelmed by their amount and the consequences that they can bring
    air flickering with different colors - means that you won't miss problems at home.

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